Cement Removal Agent (5L)

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Cement Removal Agent (CRA) is a concentrated biodegradable agent for cleaning cement dust, stone dust, hard water stains, rust and other alkaline contaminants that become encrusted on the glass surface of solar modules.

Use CRA to clean cement dust, stone dust, gypsum dust and other alkaline contaminants. It is an innovative, biodegradable product, fully tested on how it will not damage coatings, silicone, or the aluminum frame. The product reacts chemically with the contaminants and emulsifies the particles so they can be rinsed off easily.

This product is a remediation agent and should be used as such. To avoid a recurring problem, you should act preventively and protect your modules with one of ChemiTek's coatings. This will prevent dust particles from adhering directly to the glass, making them easy to remove during normal cleaning operations.

Dilution: Adjust the dilution of the product according to the harshness of the problem. Do a test in a small area to check which dilution is best for your case. It is preferable to leave the product on the module longer than to use a lower dilution. Start with a dilution of 1 to 2 (1kg of CRA in 2 litres of water) and check the behaviour. If it is not strong enough to start removing the cement with ease, then reduce the dilution to 1 kg of CRA in 1 litre of water or even 1kg of CRA in 0,5 litres of water. In very extreme cases, the product can be used without dilution as a last resort measure. ChemiTek advises against it.


Read the technical datasheet for Cement Removal Agent here.


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