Tucker® 3K-60 High Modulus Water Fed Pole

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Tucker 3K - 60 High Modulus Carbon Fiber Water Fed Pole

The 3K – 60 is the tallest model high modulus carbon fiber water fed pole we produce. This pole is meant for the professional who cleans tall commercial properties. When reaching multiple stories, you need a pole with serious rigidity and this 9-section pole will reach a maximum height of 56’. Each individual section measures 7’ in height, allowing you to extend the water fed pole to the ideal height for any commercial building you are cleaning. All our carbon fiber water fed poles are guaranteed for 2 years and have several unique features that set them apart from the rest of the industry. The pole tip is a euro thread section that can be removed and used as a nose to glass mini pole.  The included RHG clamps are a unique, bolt-on system that never needs gluing, and keeps the pole extended at the exact height you choose.  It includes a Tucker water fed brush, with dual trim nylon bristles. It allows the longer bristles on the outer edge of the brush to be splayed into the corners of the window.  It also comes with the in-house Reach-around gooseneck, allowing you to attach our doodlebug scrubbing pad on the rear of the brush for those times when a little extra elbow-grease is needed.  With the brush head attached, the entire unit only weighs 10 pounds.

What’s included:


  • Maximum extended height: 56 feet
  • Collapsed length: 8.3 feet
  • Total number of sections: 9
  • Individual section length: 7 feet
  • Weight: 10 pounds w/ brush attached


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