Tucker® Alpha Solar XL Brush

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Specifically designed for Solar Panel Cleaning.

The Tucker® Alpha SOLAR range of brushes are the latest in a line of innovated products from Tucker®.

Developed with the assistance of solar panel cleaning professionals. The Alpha Solar-18 is a heavy weighted brush designed to apply downward pressure onto the solar panels to aid in cleaning heavily soiled surfaces.

Unlike most other adapted window cleaning brushes sold to solar panel cleaners, this brush is designed to be used specifically on solar panels.

Features one full length rinse bar that extends the entire width of the brush, and comes with the quick release swivel that is designed to fit the Tucker #1 clamps. Click here for the female threaded piece that other poles may need to utilize this swivel.

XL Size: 17"W x 3"H

Weighs 1.7 lbs.

Again - this is not a window cleaning brush that has been rebranded for solar panel cleaning - this is a brush specifically designed for solar panel cleaning and as such you will find the bristles are longer and fuller than any window cleaning brush on the market today.


Learn more about this new brush in the video below! 


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