Tucker® Alpha Solar 20" Brush

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Specifically designed for Solar Panel Cleaning.

The Tucker® Alpha SOLAR range of brushes are the latest in a line of innovated products from Tucker®.

Developed with the assistance of solar panel cleaning professionals.  The Alpha Solar-20 is a heavy weighted brush designed to apply downward pressure onto the solar panels to aid in cleaning heavily soiled surfaces.

Unlike most other adapted window cleaning brushes sold to solar panel cleaners, this brush is designed to be used specifically on solar panels.

Featuring 2 (20") full length rinse bars that extend the entire width of the brush each with independent shut off valves in the event you do not have enough water flow for both rinse bars.  You will need a boost pump on your system in order to accomplish enough flow to run both of these rinse bars.

Tucker® built in swivel feature for easy side to side action.

Each end has built in protection to ensure many years of use.

The REPLACEABLE brushes are made from a new bristle we have found to be the best for solar panel cleaning.  

Being able to replace just the bristles/brushes at a fraction of the overall costs will save you big in the long run.

Also included are white scrub pads that are interchangeable with the removable bristle brushes for incredible versatility.  50 feet of high flow water tubing for higher water flow rates to the brush and all fittings needed to connect to standard garden hose.

20" wide.

Weighs 3.4 lbs.

Again - this is not a window cleaning brush that has been rebranded for solar panel cleaning - this is a brush specifically designed for solar panel cleaning and as such you will find the bristles are longer and fuller than any window cleaning brush on the market today.

Want a boost pump? Find one here -> Tucker® Booster!

If you're serious about solar panel cleaning this is the brush for you.  

If you want to purchase the absolute best RO/DI system to supply water to this brush we suggest you check out our new MAX OUTPUT RO/DI System.

Included in Kit - 

20" Double rinse bar heavy weighted alpha base

(2) 10" full length bristle brushes

(2) 10" velcro backs to accept scrub pads

(2) 10" white scrub pads

(1) 50' high flow hose kit with all fittings

(1) Tucker® Ultra Valve


Learn more about the Alpha Solar 20" Brush in the videos below!




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