Water Fed Brush │ Dual Trim Nylon Bristles - 2 Pencil & 2 Fan Jets

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Tucker® Dual Trim, Quad Jet Nylon Water Fed Brush - 2 Pencil Jets and 2 Fan Jets

This light weight, general purpose waterfed brush is ideal for any skill level window cleaner. Nylon is an excellent tip to glass cleaning material, and when the fibers are laid down on the glass, they glide across the surface easily.  This dual trim brush splits the best of both worlds by allowing the window cleaning professional to lay the longer outer edges of the brush against glass, allowing the brush to move freely and easily, while the inner monofilament bristles remain in a vertical position allowing the friction from the tips to scrub away caked on dirt and grime. The splay of the outer bristles also allows the bristle tips to scrub into the corners and trim of the window.

This unique American made brush comes with 2 plumbed pencil jets and 2 fan jets, all individually plumbed. Pencil jets are ideal for situations where extra scrubbing is needed, and the extra water pressure is useful to power away dirt from the window and bristles. Fan jets are ideal for spreading the water out over the glass, allowing for a faster rinse.  This brush gives the best of both worlds, allowing you to blast away dirt and grime, while keeping a wide area of rinse for a speedy rinse.


  • Made In USA
  • Dual Trim Nylon Monofilament Bristles
  • 2 Pencil Jets & 2 Fan Jets (Individually plumbed)
  • Lightweight – 12 oz
  • Euro Threaded Socket
  • 5/16” OD Tubing Tee Connector

Specs: 11"W x 3"H, 12oz, UPC: 810058070258

If you're looking for a more agressive cleaning brush, we also offer this model in with boar and nylon bristles.


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