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Updated Information for the Tucker® Fill N Go

Updated Information for the Tucker® Fill N Go - Tucker® USA

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Welcome to our first Blog Post of 2020! An introduction to the TUCKER® Fill N' Go!

Hey everybody, Shawn Gavin, owner at RHG Products, home of Tucker® Water fed pole systems. I want to take a few minutes and reintroduce you to the Tucker® Fill N Go. This unit's been on the market for a few years now, but we've got some upgrades we want to point out to you. Before we do that, we want to just go through the system so you understand how it works.

So the Fill N Go is a tank-based system that has water purification and delivery built in. So essentially on the front here you have a four stage water purification system. 

You've got a sediment pre-filter, a carbon pre-filter, reverse osmosis membrane, and de-ionization. So the setup is as follows: you hook up your water supply here. You've got an inlet pressure gauge that gives you a reading of your inlet pressure. The water would then flow through your sediment and carbon into a boost pump, then into the RO, then into the DI. If you turn the boost pump on, your pressure gauge will read somewhere around 100 PSI, maybe 90 to 100 PSI. That will increase the production that the four stages of purification can have. These four filters are filling this tank, so if you turn the boost pump on, you'll make water faster, fill the tank faster, okay?

The other part of this system is the delivery side, so this is your delivery panel. This unit is a dual user, so there's a reel and hose for each operator. We also sell this in a single user if you know you're only going to ever want one operator. Each user has their own pump and controller. There are remotes for these controllers that basically allow you to turn on and off the water supply, turn it up, turn it down, as well as recalibrate the system from a remote location should you need to recalibrate the pump and controller. There's a built-in TDS meter that monitors the water quality going into the tank.

This is your on off switch for your boost pump. This is your bypass valve for your RO membrane. There's 200 feet of premium, three-eighths line on these Cox reels. The Cox reels are an upgrade. Also upgraded is all of the hose lines on the system, the pressure gauges, and we've gone away from the float system in the tank. What we found was from time to time, the float would fail and the vans would flood. So we'd rather have no float at all and you know that you need to keep an eye on the system than have a float built in that did not operate 100% of the time.

This is a 52 gallon capacity. It is possible to add on tank capacity if you need to. That's kind of a DIY application or you can buy an auxiliary tank from us. So again, a couple upgrades, the reels, the pressure gauges, all the hoses, the controllers are new for 2019. If you'd like more information on these systems, give us a call. (303) 663-1779, or check them out on our website,

Thank you very much for looking into our products. Let us know what questions you may have. 

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