Water Fed Brush │ Alpha Boar and Nylon Bristle Hybrid - 4 Pencil Jets, Rinse Bar, and Swivel Neck

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Brush may come in red or black depending on availability.

Tucker Alpha Hybrid Water Fed Brush - Boar and Nylon Bristle - Dual Trim - 4 Pencil Jets

The Tucker Alpha Hybrid Water Fed Brush is the ultimate commercial window cleaning brush.  You won’t find another brush of this quality, with this many features at this price point any where else.

This hybrid WaterFed brush is built around our dual trim, 4 pencil jet brush but is fitted with Nylon bristles on the longer, outer trim and high-quality Boar bristle on the shorter, inner trim.  This allows you to take advantage of the strengths of both materials.  The nylon monofilament can be laid down, allowing it to glide effortlessly over the glass, while it’s horizontally splayed bristles clean deeply into the inner edges and crevices of the window trim. Meanwhile, the shorter boar bristles remain upright in a tip to glass position, allowing their superior natural fiber to scrub away caked on dirt.

It includes an over the top rinse bar as well as our swiveling gooseneck.  This setup allows complete flexibility in cleaning to your specific style. You can choose to rinse directly through the 4 internal pencil jets, the over the top rinse bar, or using a Y-adapter you can use both at once.  The swiveling gooseneck allows the experienced professional to rock the brush back and forth on the surface of the window, while maintaining contact and rinse power.

Note: The rinse bar is not typically intended to be run simultaneously with the brush jets. To do this, you would need to attach an additional 5/16" Y Fitting and a few inches of standard 5/16" OD Pole Tubing. A kit for this is available HERE.


  • Made in USA

  • Dual Trim

  • Nylon and Boar Bristle Material

  • Lightweight

  • Swiveling Gooseneck w/ stem for #1 clamp

  • 4 Pencil Jets

  • Jets Plumbed separately

  • 5/16" OD Tubing Tee Connectors


Std Size: 11"W x 3"H - UPC 810058070302

XL Size: 17" W x 3"H - UPC 810058070296