Tucker® Eco-Flow Series 4 x 40" Reverse Osmosis Membrane

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The Tucker® Eco-Flow series 4 x 40" RO membrane is a very economical replacement option for your RO/DI water fed pole system.

This membrane is found in the Tucker® Economy Series RO/DI Systems.

This Tucker® Eco-Flow Series membrane is a 100 PSI membrane that is comparable to most other non-Tucker® RO membranes on the market today.

Consider changing your RO membrane when it has begun to remove less than 80% of the impurities in the water. The fewer impurities the RO can remove, the more you will spend on DI filter replacements.

Fits the H2Pro as well

This is NOT the replacement RO membrane for the 4060 system. The correct replacement RO membrane for the 4060 is the 4 X 30" REVERSE OSMOSIS MEMBRANE

Water Resistant Lubricant may be required and is available HERE