Tucker® High Flow Pole Tubing

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If you're looking for more flow out of your pole hose you may want to consider this option.

Typical pole hose is 3/16" ID.  This pole hose is 1/4" ID allowing for higher flow rates from your purification system to your brush.

If you're utilizing a rinse bar and not getting enough flow at the brush these often will help.

The biggest hurdle for most to running this larger size is that there are no fittings regularly available to connect this larger hose to the smaller push fittings on all of the brushes etc.  So we had them custom made for us from aluminum.  

Comes with custom aluminum 5/16" push fittings on each end.

If you'd like to run a length longer than 100' you can connect these together with a 5/16" union fitting.

Note you will likely need to run this hose on the outside of your pole due to its larger diameter.