Water Fed Poles

Why Tucker Water Fed Poles?

Tucker is the oldest name in the industry, delivering the highest quality components with unique features that simplify your day. We make window cleaning equipment with the professional in mind. Built in the US, all of our water fed poles come with world-class rigidity and the ability to extend with ease. Your window cleaning equipment is the life of your business, and Tucker produces window cleaning products you can count on.

Carbon Fiber Water Fed Poles
Our line of water fed poles are made from a high quality standard modulus carbon fiber. Commercial window cleaning equipment is a serious investment, and the Carbon Fiber Poles help bridge features and affordability. Made out of an outdoor grade carbon fiber, they extend easily and come with the RHG bolt-on clamping system, meaning you never have to glue connections. Our standard models come with tubing, a water fed brush, connectors and our unique gooseneck system.

High Modulus Water Fed Poles
The High Mod line of water fed poles are made from an ultra grade of carbon fiber specifically made for use for outdoor and industrial equipment. If you need a water fed pole with the best rigidity and longest life span, this is the selection for you. We guarantee all of our High Modulus Water Fed Poles for 2 years. Tucker is the most trusted brand in the industry, and you can rest assured your investment will last. Each of our standard High Mod line of poles comes with tubing, a nylon bristle brush, connectors and the Tucker made Reach-around gooseneck.