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Water Fed Carbon Fiber Poles Explained

Water Fed Carbon Fiber Poles Explained - Tucker® USA

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Hey everybody. Shawn Gavin, RHG Products. I want to take a moment to talk to you guys about our carbon fiber range of water-fed poles. A question I get a lot here at Tucker is about the actual differences between the range of poles that we offer. And so, many of you know that we offer three carbon fiber poles. We offer what is branded the ECO, our 3K HI MOD, which is a high modulus material, and our 3K Ultra HI MOD, which is an ultra high modulus material, and it's the highest modulus rated material that you can currently buy on the market today.

I wanted to get into a little bit about what is the difference between these materials and when you should consider buying one over the other. So our ECO range of poles is available in a Hybrid 15 as well as what we call a Carbon Fiber MINI. It is available in a 30, a 40, and a 50 foot model as well. And the 30s, 40s, and 50s if you buy a 30 or a 40 foot ECO you can add to those poles and get up to 50, so you can add to those and grow as your business grows.

But the material of the pole itself is made to be much like the materials of all the poles that you see coming in our of the UK. And so, there's lots of brands and products sold in the US by distributors but those are all UK based manufacturers, and this is much like that. So if you're comparing those this is going to be like that. Our ECO range is like that.

And so, if you look at the surface it's not a smooth surface, okay? We have ridges along our tubes, and the reason for that is so that the clamps can grab and have less likeliness to slip, especially in up and down motions, and so that it grabs on. So if you looked at it close you would see the wrapping of the carbon fiber material and that's by design. But it's a very basic looking material, okay? And it's a very standard and economical material to make a carbon fiber tube out of. And so, that's why we call it the ECO range. It's going to be our most affordable, most economical range, and I would say that you would look to choose this range of poles if you never want to work over 40 or 50 feet.

If you know you're going to want to work higher than that, let's say 50, 60 foot, and on a regular basis then I would look at our 3K high modulus poles, but this is a good entry level pole suitable for anyone looking to do day in day out work. It's not like it's not going to take the abuse. It's just not ideal as you get to the much higher lengths. So that's our ECO or standard carbon fiber.

Next, we have our 3K high modulus. Now, the 3K you can identify because there's a checkered pattern on the outside of the tubing, okay? And so, along this checkered pattern we also have that same ridge that I was talking about that is on the other ECO range of carbon fiber tubes, but this material is a much higher quality material. It's stronger and it's lighter weight, so it will perform better at full extension compared to an ECO range pole.

So I would say this pole is for someone who plans on getting into more commercial work but doesn't necessarily want to buy a lot of different poles, because this pole you can buy as a 25 foot model and extend that same 25 foot model all the way up to 69 feet should your business grow and need that. So it's a great option.

The 3K HI MOD range also has some protectors on the end of each section to protect the carbon fiber from making contact with the ground. This is what we call our top section for the 3K range. So the 3K HI MOD range has this short little section at the top which is great for doing groundwork. You can take this up on a roof line and do skylights or roof line windows much safer than you could carry let's say the whole six foot extension of a typical pole, so we like this handle at the top for those reasons, but that's the 3K high modulus material.

The next is what we call Ultra high modulus, and if you listen here real quick, let's see if we can pick this up on the camera. That's what the standard 3K sounds like. This is the Ultra HI MOD. So the two main differences between this 3K HI MOD and the Ultra 3K HI MOD, little bit of a mouthful there, is that this is made out of the best carbon fiber material currently available today, okay? It's the strongest, most rigid material available.

Now, the reason it sounds so much higher pitch when you make contact with it is because of the advanced nature of the carbon fiber material itself that we make these tubes out of we're able to use less material to make the tube, so it's thinner, the wall thickness of the tube itself is thinner, okay? Making it lighter and more rigid than say any of our other materials because of the weight of the other materials. So this is going to be the most advanced material that we have available and it's going to be the lightest, most rigid at height.

We offer the Ultra HI MOD in two poles, that's all. We offer what we call an Ultra MINI, which this is the base section from an Ultra MINI, and an Ultra MAX. The Ultra MINI is around 30 feet extended. The exact specs are available on our website. And the Ultra MAX is around 52 feet or so extended. Both of those poles will take our standard HI MOD carbon fiber EXT sections.

Both of those poles will take our standard HI MOD EXT sections just like the standard 3K. So the 3K 45 you can add 12 foot sections to, one of them would get you to 57 feet, the second one would get you to 69 foot. With the Ultra MINIs you can add those same 24 feet to take that 30 foot or so pole up to 50 something feet, and you can take that 52 footer clear up to 75, 76 feet. So this is the pole if you know you want the lightest, most rigid pole possible, you're going to be working with it all day in and out, and you know you want to do much higher work. 60 foot regular work all the time I would go with the Ultra high modulus, the Ultra MAX.

And so, basically those are the three materials we offer. So it's the ECO, the 3K HI MOD, and the 3K Ultra HI MOD, and there's a lot of information to try and digest there, so we're always available if you need a little bit more clarification. 

You can email me directly at Shawn,, or feel free to call (303) 663-1779. And the website, as always, is 

Thanks everyone, and have a great day.

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