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We Try

We Try - Tucker® USA

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This is a recent letter submitted by one of our customers in Ottawa, Canada. This is what we strive for everyday at RHG Products and Tucker® USA. 

If you have had a similar experience, we love hearing feedback, both good and bad from our customers.

Thank you again Ryan Cochrane at Peak Property -


Hey, I’m Ryan Cochrane and I run Peak Property. Our main service is providing window cleaning in Ottawa, Canada. Tucker products have changed my business for the better and allowed me to grow and expand over the past 8 years. I wanted to share what makes Tucker products and the RHG team an important partner to any new or business looking to succeed in the window cleaning industry.

When I got started with window cleaning the first piece of window cleaning equipment I purchased was a water fed pole set up. I thought it was all I was ever going to need, and I was going to be able to start cleaning windows like a professional right away. Well, it turns out when you buy a piece of low-quality equipment with no customer support things don’t turn out very well.

I tried to use the water fed pole equipment for my first couple homes and I had poor results. My main issues were that I couldn’t get all the dirt off the windows and I was leaving water spots on the glass.

Since I was new to the business, I couldn’t afford to have poor results with my first clients. Therefore, I didn’t trust water fed pole cleaning and instead relied on traditional window cleaning.

After a couple years into my business I came across Tucker products on one of the window cleaning groups I am a part of. Although Tucker product reviews were great, I was still hesitant as my first water fed pole experience was not ideal. In the end I decided to take another chance on water fed poles and that decision has forever changed the way my business approaches window cleaning.

The first Tucker product I purchased was the Tucker Hybrid Brush. As soon as I received it I could tell the quality of this product was different. The combination of the boar’s hair and the nylon bristles could break down heavy dirt on windows that were previously challenging to attack. Once I started seeing the great results with my new brush it gave me more confidence to use my water fed pole in many different scenarios.

If you guys decide to invest in a water fed pole set-up, one of your biggest learning curves will be learning how to rinse the windows properly. Without a final rinse, after you're done scrubbing the window, you will tend to leave water spots. Knowing this, I was looking for a piece of equipment that would help us with rinsing and that’s when we found the Tucker Over the Top Rinse Bar. The rinse bar helped us deliver a full rinse to the window no matter the type of glass as the bar sits on top of the brush and the water is able to flow directly onto the glass.

Our company has become more efficient and safer through the use of our Tucker products. I highly recommend them if you’re looking to grow your window cleaning business!

Happy Window Cleaning!


Again, thank you Ryan, we truly appreciate your business and look forward to helping you grow your business along side you for many years to come.